Kid's Guitar Lessons

6 Profound Benefits of Learning the Guitar

1. Learning Guitar Develops A Sense Of Achievement for Your Child

Along with increased self esteem, studies show that even completing the smallest goals on an instrument makes the learner feel proud of what they have done. 

2. Guitar Gives Your Child A Way to Achieve More

Those who study music are less likely to abuse substances overtime, all in the while boosting their pattern recognition and teaching them discipline to excel at other tasks in their life.

3. Taking Guitar Lessons Increase Your Child's Academic Success

Learning music at an early age increases their math and reading comprehension. It develops the left side of the brain which is directly related to language and reason. It also helps them master the art of memorization, helping them imprint information into their minds, which leads into them being more engaged at school.

4. Music Prevents Alzheimer's Disease

Studying Music has been shown to prevent diseases such as Alzhiemer's disease as well as boost motor skills such as hand-eye coordination. 

5. Guitar Encourages Creative Growth

Playing guitar uses both sides of the brain, and with that comes a boost to both critical AND creative thinking. Learning guitar will enable them to become better problem solvers in the adult world.

6. Learning Guitar Gives Your Child Something to Show Off to Their Friends

Having a creative outlet that in non destructive is very valuable for them and the people around them. Music brings people together in so many ways. They will develop better social skills and be more open and better at team work related activities.

"My Son loves learning guitar with Blake!"

"A very professional & homey environment, flexible hours & affordable lessons, makes The Cleburne Guitar Dojo a perfect option for our family."



Your Son or Daughter will fit right in!

Imagine seeing your child completely enhance their quality of life while taking part in a fun activity many parents miss out on for their kids: guitar lessons! With my kid's guitar lessons program here in Cleburne they can be a part of something truly special! They will be surrounded by other individuals in a positive environment that is dedicated to helping them succeed and grow. With a customized curriculum that is designed to change with the student, they will always be receiving the support and encouragement they need to master the guitar.

So.....Is Guitar Really Best for my Child?

  • Boosts in math skills (Better grades at school)

  • Improves Reading Comprehension (More Better Grades at School!)

  • Helps Prevent Alzeimer's Disease Later in Life

  • Boosts Creativity - Individuals who played as kids are more creative and better problem-solvers in the professional world as adults. 

  • Uses both sides of the brain at the same time (no other activity provides that)

  • Plus, guitar is just a cool instrument!

Bonus Benefits!

  • Flexible Schedule

  • A Professional Guitar Teacher that cares about your child

  • Encouraging Environment where all students fit in

  • Rewards System that keeps students excited about playing guitar

  • Fun Guitar Lessons that students look forward to


"Blake is so good with my daughter. He’s patient and fun! I can’t wait to see how much she learns from him!! Completely recommend him!!"

- Melissa P.


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