Effective Guitar Lessons in Cleburne that Get RESULTS

  • Do You Want to Learn Guitar but are Unsure Where to Start?

  • Are You Putting Hours of Work Into The Guitar and Still Not Getting Anywhere?

  • Do you wish there was a clear plan to follow to get you results on the guitar?

One of the Big Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Better at The Guitar:

The traditional way of learning guitar usually goes something like this:

 you either


A) Buy a bunch of books


B) Watch a bunch of YouTube videos/take lessons from "apps" or "video subscriptions"

You practice all of this random stuff in the hopes that one day you will be where you want to be. I tried teaching myself in this exact way.

While DVD's, books, and the famed "YouTube Lessons" can be great, the results of such practice is usually much smaller than getting professional help. In fact, it can take years to start seeing any real changes in your playing. Most media platforms are actually good at giving you information, but something they will NEVER be able to do is train you on all of the major details that have the biggest impact on how you progress. 

Almost every time trying to teach yourself in this way leads to quitting due to frustration. 

So what is the best way to overcome this problem? It's simple: Learn from a teacher who is professionally trained to play and teach guitar. Studies show that guitar players who take lessons are much more likely to be successful on the instrument and play much longer. 

Imagine yourself easily playing through all of your favorite songs. Feels  great doesn't it? 

Over time I have developed certain techniques and got out of the playing slump I was in using specific processes that I will show you. Does all of this sound too good to be true? Its not! I have helped many people just like you overcome a lot of the challenges that hinders progress on the guitar.

Here's what will happen when you follow my Cleburne guitar lessons program:


In short: You will get better. Period.

Guitar Lessons Cleburne TX

"Blake is such a talented teacher. He makes sure that every lesson is specifically designed to meet your individual needs. He takes the time to get to know your personal goals and then does everything he can to help you reach them. I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made. Would highly recommend giving Blake a try if you’ve ever wanted to play guitar!! He’s the best there is!" -Shannon W.

While Training at The Cleburne Guitar Dojo You Will:

1. Learn New Songs

Instead of wasting time with time consuming practice exercises, you will learn how to play music from real artists and learn techniques through songs you know and love.

2. Learn How to Practice

I won't just show you the right way to play the guitar. I will teach you how to replicate the techniques in the classroom so you can get results no matter where you are practicing.

3. Recieve a Uniquely Designed Curriculum

Everybody learns differently and in order to maximize progress, you need training based on how you process information. The curriculum I have is designed to fit and change with players at all levels. So whether you are a beginner picking up a guitar for the very first time or a seasoned player looking to break the next wall, you will receive exactly what you need at your current level.

4. Get Taught by a Trained Professional

I won't waste time with needless demonstration or conversation but instead will function like a personal trainer guiding you through uniquely designed regiments to achieve a result at every single lesson. I am professionally trained to teach you how to play guitar.

5. Attend Goal Focused Lessons

Work towards your goals! Whether you want to get out on the road and gig with your very own band or play that special song for a family member, learn the techniques to start playing as quickly as possible.

6. Recieve More Training Time

Here at the Cleburne Guitar Dojo you will have the benefit to coming to multiple sessions to maximize your results. 


What you need is not a generic plan, but a plan that fits YOU:

I know EXACTLY what it's like to feel frustrated about the guitar. I've been there. I've helped many people just like you overcome their challenges and achieve everything they could dream on the guitar. You won't find the answers in any book or in any video, but with a personal teacher who has been exactly where you are now:

  • Learn the way YOU learn

  • Achieve visible results that will allow you to play all of your favorite songs

  • Ease all the frustration with step by step training with a specialized teacher 

Here's How We Will Do It Together:

  • Meet For a Free Intro Lesson
  • Follow my Uniquely Designed, Easy to Follow Plan
  • Measure Progress Once or Twice a Week
  • Achieve Results

If You're Ready to begin mastering the guitar, then this is what you need to do:

  •  Click the button below and fill out the form that appears

  • Tell me a little about yourself, what you would like to get out of taking lessons, current frustrations, etc. just so I know how best to help you! 

  • I will contact you vie phone or email with the next steps you need to master the guitar!