One of the Big Reasons Why It's So Frustrating Learning The Guitar:

The traditional way of learning guitar usually goes something like this:

 you either


A) Buy a bunch of books


B) Watch a bunch of YouTube videos/take lessons from "apps" or "video subscriptions"

You practice all of this random stuff in the hopes that one day you will be where you want to be. I tried teaching myself in this exact way.

While DVD's, books, and the famed "YouTube Lessons" can be great, the results of such practice is usually much smaller than getting professional help. In fact, it can take years to start seeing any real changes in your playing. 

Most media platforms are actually good at giving you information, but something they will NEVER be able to do is train you on all of the major details that have the biggest impact on how you progress. 

Almost every time trying to teach yourself leads to quitting due to frustration. 

What's the best solution? Find and learn from a professional guitar teacher.

Here's what will happen when you follow my Cleburne guitar lessons program:


Bottom Line: You will get good at the guitar.

I know exactly what it's like to feel frustrated and hopeless about learning the guitar.

I will train you on what, how, and when to do specific things that will help your guitar playing skyrocket! 


"Blake is such a talented teacher. He makes sure that every lesson is specifically designed to meet your individual needs. He takes the time to get to know your personal goals and then does everything he can to help you reach them. I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made. Would highly recommend giving Blake a try if you’ve ever wanted to play guitar!! He’s the best there is!" -Shannon W.


"I definitely recommend The Cleburne Guitar Dojo! Great way to get out of the box and the rut some of us dig ourselves into." -Chris B.


"If you want to sound like George Lynch, BB King or Slash take these guitar lessons!!!"  -Christian W.

While Training at The Cleburne Guitar Dojo You Will:

1. Learn New Songs

Instead of wasting time with time consuming practice exercises, you will learn how to play music from real artists and learn techniques through songs you know and love.

2. Learn How to Practice Effectively

I won't just show you ideas and tell you to practice. I will teach you how to replicate the techniques in the classroom so you can get results at home.

3. Recieve a Uniquely Designed Curriculum

Everybody learns differently and in order to maximize progress, you need training based on how you process information. 

The curriculum I have is designed to fit and change with players at all levels. 

So whether you are a beginner picking up a guitar for the very first time or a seasoned player looking to break the next wall, you will receive exactly what you need at your current level.

4. Get Taught by a Trained Professional

I won't waste time with needless demonstration or conversation but instead will function like a personal trainer guiding you through uniquely designed regiments to achieve a result at every single lesson.

 I am the ONLY teacher in Ft. Worth area that is certified by The Elite Guitar Teacher's Inner Circle. 

5. Attend Enjoyable and Motivating Lessons

Whether you want to get out on the road and gig with your very own band or play that special song for a family member, learn the techniques to start playing as quickly as possible with a program designed to ease frustration and make guitar playing fun and enjoyable!

6. Recieve More Training Time

Here at the Cleburne Guitar Dojo you will have the benefit to coming to multiple sessions to maximize your results all seasoned with a personal touch. 

So, If you want lessons that help you:

  • Master Chord Changes

  • Learn your favorite songs 

  • Learn not just how to play scales but how to USE scales

  • Fix the issues that most guitarists miss 

  • Learn how it all comes together so you can feel good about playing guitar

  • Have fun and Get Results fast


What you need is not a generic plan, but a plan that fits YOU:

I know EXACTLY what it's like to feel frustrated about the guitar. I've been there. I've helped many people just like you overcome their challenges and achieve everything they could dream on the guitar. You won't find the answers in any book or in any video, but with a personal teacher who has been exactly where you are now:

  • Learn the way YOU learn

  • Achieve visible results that will allow you to play all of your favorite songs

  • Ease all the frustration with step by step training with a specialized teacher 


"Blake is really good at what he does. He really knows how to break things down for you to understand and helps with finger placement to make transitioning between chords a lot easier. As a first time guitar player I have to say I am extremely happy with the progress he has helped me achieve in the short amount of time I have been his student." - Carmel C.


"Blake is so good with my daughter. He’s patient and fun! I can’t wait to see how much she learns from him!! Completely recommend him!!" - Melissa P.


"Blake is an excellent guitar teacher. I know from personal experience that he customizes a plan for you based on your goals and current ability level, is very organized and thoughtful, has the chops to back up his instruction, and is passionate about his craft. If you're looking for a guitar teacher in Johnson County, this is the place to go." -Jason T.